Pregame: Illinois vs Nebraska, Saturday, February 2nd, 1:15pm CT, BTN

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Why are we a 4.5 underdog tomorrow. Dont get it. I thought this might be -2 illini. Nebraska has sucked lately, we are playing better.
We did lose to them by 15, and the huskers controlled the game.
Copeland was a key contributor, but watson and palmer really kept us discombobulated. Palmer got to the line so many times, and nobody could guard him.
I can see why ILL is the dog.
Why are we a 4.5 underdog tomorrow. Dont get it. I thought this might be -2 illini. Nebraska has sucked lately, we are playing better.
Ol, appreciate the feedback but this is a game we win. We are getting better.......just surprised we are that big if an underdog
Huge difference. We are playing to get better and build for next year. They lose a 5th in a row they probably just coughed up their chances at the NCAA tourney. Much larger postseason implications for Huskers.

I like how our D is playing and if we have an “okay” shooting day I think we win.

Underwood knew his team would get progressively better as the season went on and the young group of players built chemistry and learned the Big Ten ropes. The Illini have rocketed up the KenPom ranking to No. 86, up considerably since their loss to Florida Atlantic.

“I see huge growth,” Bezhanishvili said. “Everybody is working. As a team we’re growing.
“We’re playing a lot more as a team. We’re sharing the ball a lot more, we talk to each other a lot more and we play for each other a lot more. That has to play like that and that has to keep going.”

The betting line stated above seems out of line with direction of both teams and it being a home game for us...

Illini 78
huskers 71

ps..I expect Watson to play a lil dirty as always and to try to show how we were wrong in not recruiting him years ago....he will throw an elbow or something to stir it up...
I don’t think it’s fair to say we are trending in the right way until we play more than one good game in a row. We’ve had a couple of nice wins followed by some disappointing losses where we didn’t carry the momentum forward. That said, Nebraska is hurting without Copeland and we have homecourt. I’d expect the line to close as the game approaches. It’s got to be almost a toss-up.
I hope Trent looks to pull the trigger a bit more often. I also love when GB has some of our offense flow inside out through him. He is shooting at a high clip inside and passes it well.
As far as AJ or DW I prefer one or the other on the floor. I'd like to see Tevian get more and more minutes given the state of our season. Unfortunately AJ is lSr and I want to win more games but also set the table the best we can for next season. It sucks Tev screwed up and missed those games
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