Pregame: Illinois vs Penn State, Saturday, February 23rd, 11:00am CT, BTN

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Early line predictions, anyone? I'll guess IL -4 to IL -5. KenPom has us as three-point faves before the game against Wisconsin (which will move our ranking up).
Must win and I agree that PSU is not as bad as their record. Sound familiar? Hopefully we come out angry at letting Wisky get away although it was not for lack of effort.
The game at PSU is the one that really worries me. I can imagine the seven seed being on the line for that one. We can go a lot deeper in the BTT from seven than from 8/9.
Actually kind of glad PSU had such a good game last night. Makes it very difficult for Illini to overlook them now. I don't think I've seen them play this year other than a minute here or there, but checking out their stats the things that stood out to me were they have some good bigs -- Stevens and Watkins/Harrar. Looks like AJ will need to put on his Superman cape and have a good game to help neutralize them. And Reaves has 66 steals, #14 in country spg. Hope we have a great crowd that team can feed off.
My biggest hope is for psu to NOT have a bench player have a career game against us....I think they are prone to us making them speed up and have a bushel basket of TO's....yes, watkins and Stevens are a load but we have handled teams with better frontcourt players so I firmly believe we will win if we have an average shooting percentage game...and being at home should help immensely...

Illini 70
psu 64
Illinois -5.5

If we can't win a home game against the last place team in the Big 10, well, then, um, we are not too good.
Dave Wilson's system at has Illinois ranked 94 and Penn State 63. Penn State is far better than their record. PSU has lost 6 games by 4 or less points. Guessing Kenpom would have them below us in luck category.
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