Pregame: Illinois vs Penn State, Saturday, Septmber 29th, 11:00am CT, ESPN

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Illinois Fighting Illini (2-2, 0-0) vs Penn State Nittany Lions (2-2, 0-0)

Date: Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Location: Champaign, IL

Time: 11:00am CT


Fan promotion: Stripe the Stadium (pdf stadium map)

Series: Penn State leads 15-4

Illinois 2012 Results (2-2)
09/01: Illinois 24, Western Michigan 7
09/08: Arizona State 45, Illinois 14
09/15: Illinois 44, Charleston Southern 0
09/22: Louisiana Tech 52, Illinois 24

Penn State 2012 Results (2-2)
09/01: Ohio 24, Penn State 14
09/08: Virginia 17, Penn State 16
09/15: Penn State 34, Navy 7
09/22: Penn State 24, Temple 13

Memorial Stadium, Champaign, IL (60,670) Seating chart Buy tickets

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Coatesville, PA
All I gotta say is if we can't get up for this game then we have very serious issues. I expect a few personal fouls on both side of the ball.

Illini 17
PSU 14
This one won't win any beauty contests...but at the end of the day it will be PSU's defense that gets it done.

PSU - 17
IL - 6
The matchup is a million times better than this week.

The question is, can we play good football? Can we be sound? And can we pick ourselves up after last night?
Agreed. The rest of the schedule is a much better match-up then ASU and LA Tech. Pass protection needs to be fixed. Drop the safeties back and don't let them get behind you.
Unlike last week, this week I don't have any problem making an early prediction.

Penn State 24
Chief Illiniwek 10

We've got more than one week of work to do if we want to start beating teams that aren't CSU. I don't think we have a chance at a game until IU unless UW or Michigan play like FCS teams against us, which is entirely possible since they are going through similar situations to us now.
Agreed. The rest of the schedule is a much better match-up then ASU and LA Tech. Pass protection needs to be fixed. Drop the safeties back and don't let them get behind you.
I wouldn't say the rest of the schedule.

Michigan will spread you out, so will Minnesota, so will Purdue, so will Ohio State, so will Northwestern.

Our defensive problem isn't a lack of speed or athleticism, it's an inability to stay disciplined, read things properly, and make a play in space.

Our only hope is if someone comes right at us. Penn State and Wisconsin will oblige. It will be interesting to see whether we spring a leak in that area as well.
We match up so much better against Penn St than L Tech. Our defense will disrupt the Penn St offense, and our offense will get back on track. I think we pull it out 21-17, and belief in this team will return.
How will the band intros work? Usually with about 10 minutes left before kickoff, the Marching Illini do their awesome thing. Will the "Blue Band" do a performance before ours? Where will they be placed during the game? Just curious as to how it will work if anyone has an answer...

Anybody else ready for a third go-around of "yay I'm so excited it's the New Era this is gonna be a great game"? If this one goes down as a bad L, I will officially write off the season.

:illinois: - 28
PSU - 21

BTW, at this point I still see my very earliest 2012 prediction holding true: We are 5-6 going into the Northwestern game, with a bowl game on the line...
Stripe the Stadium O&B is also this weekend. Wasn't at that game but it looked pretty sweet on tv. Hopefully it looks even better in person.:)

New season starts this saturday so lets see how the guys play. 2OT:illinois:
Our offense is inept and Becks doesnt have alot of confidence in Nate to work out his rust on the field.

PSU 17
ILL 10
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