Pregame: Illinois vs Purdue, Wednesday, January 21st, 8:00pm CT, BTN

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Illinois vs Purdue
Wednesday, January 21st
8:00pm CT

Clark County
They have two bigs who know how to play around the rim.
Tough, tough, tough game. Stephens and Octeus are a killer combo. The freshman Edwards hustles like Black, but he has sf type inside out game.
Fairfield, IL
Have to get the bigs in foul trouble early. Kinda like how Illinois got Michigan's Layman in foul trouble early.
Hammons is an enigma. When he's focused and motivated, he's a load. When he's disinterested, which is often, he'll score 10 and 4 and make little impact. NE has to play great D on him and Haas for us to have a chance.
Seems like a game we should expect to win. But we are as much an enigma as Purdue I think. I'm putting this in the win column. Probably an ugly win, but a win.
The jan slide continues. Lose this but come Feb and March we will string together some wins.
New York, New York
Losing to Indiana at home made Minnesota a must win, this upcoming game against Purdue was already. Illinois (with Egwu) has more trouble playing small than playing big, so they should be more comfortable defensively in this one.
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Scottsdale, AZ
I have a bad feeling every time we play Purdue, which I'll attribute to Weber's tenure.

This team feels like one that will just out grit us to some hideous victory in Champaign, causing me to lose my mind.
Fairfield, IL
Out of all the teams in the Big Ten that I get nervous about, it's Purdue. No matter if they're having a down year or a good year, they always put up a heck of a fight.

I'm glad this game is at home, not on the road.
3 out of 4 and 5-5 in the b10 would have us right in the thick of things.
True, but we'd also probably have to steal a win or two that we aren't expected to win. 9-9 likely won't be enough. 10-8 probably puts us on the bubble. Also we should cheer for Maryland to keep winning to make that win look really good.
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