Pregame: Illinois vs Purdue, Wednesday, January 21st, 8:00pm CT, BTN

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Does Colbert remain invisible tonight? We are really running low on warm bodies here.
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More bad news tonight for the #Illini: No fireworks before the game.
Jeze. Tracy and Darius gone before the season. Ray and Cosby gone mid-season. Malcolm looks gimpy.

That leaves us with what? Tate, Starks, Nunn, Hill, Black, Egwu, Morgan, LaTulip, Colbert. Good lord. If Colbert doesn't play tonight we know he's really in the doghouse.

And god forbid, if Egwu or Morgan or Black get hurt, Finke will probably get his RS pulled.
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The bizarre story you're about to see is about injuries to a basketball team....

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