Pregame: Illinois vs Rutgers, Saturday, January 11th, 11:00am CT, BTN

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Illinois vs Rutgers
Saturday, January 11th
11:00am CT

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Rutgers shoots the 3 just as bad as we do. But at home we generally shoot it better. We have the size to clog the lane. Rutgers is definitely improved, but this can't be a loss.

That being said, if Rutgers wins they will get ranked for the first time since 1979. That has to be a huge motivator for them right? I know coaches like to say don't worry about rankings, but it's different when you haven't been ranked in 40 years.
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I'll be predicting a home win on Saturday --- just don't yet know the margin. Tonight was a huge confidence builder. We need to get to 5-2 after our first seven games.
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So if we beat Rutgers, we will have 3 wins in a row against top Kenpom teams. Does that get us ranked?
No, what would've gotten us ranked was wins against Maryland, Miami, and Missouri (and obviously Michigan State). Thankfully we beat Michigan, or I would've thought it was an "M" conspiracy.
This Rutgers game is huge. They are balanced and playing with a huge chip on their shoulders.
Hopefully, momentum carries over in terms of aggression on the defensive end and the inside-out swagger based on the improved 3 point shooting. Defending Kofi if you can't sag off Ayo is huge.
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IL beat WI in FB by a point.

IL beats WI in BB by a point.

2 point differential UoI > UW. Got to be some kind of a record.
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