Pregame: Illinois vs Rutgers, Saturday, November 2nd, 2:30pm CT, BTN

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I'm hoping for a shutout. If we can hold Purdue to 6, we should be able to dominate Rutgers.
Shocked I haven't seen a score prediction in this thread.

Illinois - 34
Rutgers - 10
I will be honest, after the fact surfaced that Rutgers has not scored on the road, I need a shutout

I like the 34 though. Get up a few TDs and just start pounding the rock
40 degrees, 14 mph wind
We need to get Peters to hit some throws, just to get that part of the O going a little better. I don’t think he really needs a killer passing game for us to handle Rutgers, but it’s the easiest D left on the schedule (assuming their D stinks, not looking that up, prob a fair assumption?) so hopefully after Reggie and Dre get things going we can do something through the air.

37-13 good guys.
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Since the line is Illini by 20.5 pts with an Over/Under of 49:

Illini 35
Rutgers 14
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We held Purdue to 6 in a game that was played in a hurricane. I wouldn't use that as a data point if you're placing a wager on the spread.
Not to mention that even though we seemed to dominate the game, we were outgained 271 yds to 268 yds. Some timely stops and turnovers made the difference. But if you live by the turnover...…...
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Last time Illinois was favored by this many point in a B1G game was a 2010 loss to Minnesota... #buzzkill

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That Minny game was the one where Zook had some of the worst clock management perhaps in football history at the end of the game. Minn was driving for either a field goal to tie or TD to take lead. Illini had all 3 timeouts left. Once Minny hit the 25 or so it was time to start using some TO's knowing the game is most likely tied at best (if not behind) when you get the ball back. Alas, the ole Zooker did not use any timeouts & Minny scored a TD with 30 seconds or so left to take the lead.
Just a disaster in game management.
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