Pregame: Illinois vs Wisconsin, Saturday, October 19th, 11:00am CT, BTN

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Illinois vs Wisconsin
Saturday, October 19th
11:00am CT

Not that it matters but how is Wisconsin throwing the ball this year?

Basically after they’ve scored 2 TDs running some power stuff, how bad are they gonna kill us on the play action to start the next drive?

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I’ll go barring awful weather but predict I will be at Papa Dels by sometime in 3rd qtr after game gets out of hand.
first time in my life i don't care and hope they get slaughtered because they simply should have won at least 3 of their previous games. close doesn't mean shiat these days.
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I'm pretty certain that some all-time single-game rushing records in the Big Ten and nationally will be set by Wisconsin.
Jonathan Taylor's teammates all secretly hating him and not wanting him to win the Heisman is the only circumstance in which we cover that line. That's insanity.
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That 3 is a very optimistic outlook.
With the right wind we can hit the FG from beyond 60 yards. Not inconceivable. We need some hope. Please.
Guess I’m not as pessimistic on the actual score as some. We will of course get clobbered, but I expect their second string in by late in the second quarter and third string will play the 4th. This is a preseason type game for them. I don’t see them leaving starters on the field when the game gets out of hand quickly.
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I believe this game finishes under the 3 hour mark; and perhaps by quite a bit (our average time of game so far this year is about 3:20 or so).
I told my girlfriend if she wants to go to the game she can drop me off at one of the golf courses and pick me up after. Not sitting through another Illinois game until Lovie and Co are gone.
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