Purdue 73, Illinois 56 POSTGAME

Paducah, Ky
Speaking of fouls, that foul call on Ayo giving Edwards three FTS was a doozy.

It seemed to me like BU was experimenting. At this point, do you show all your cards to try and get a win, or do you hold something in reserve for the BTT? Maybe you want to save something for Purdue in case you see them again. After the Penn State home loss, this game was probably irrelevant for any post season at this point - so start Feliz, give Tev and Alan some real minutes, mess with lineups, keep Trent out for a while, don't worry about getting the W. Doubt this was the thought process, but these considerations could have influenced the coaching decisions somewhat. Just a thought.

Early word before the game was TF, KN and TJ would be suspended..All 3 played and TF not starting was the only thing different from other games..

As far as the refs...they were as bad as all the refs this season ...the major gaffe this season is the count the basket when no basket was made in the psu game, but the refs this year have been 3 blind mice bad. plenty of fouls called with NO contact by the defender...

Waiting for the NU game hoping we get some good recruiting news soon
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Remember the good old days when we ranted about TV Teddy Valentine? As bad as he could be, I'm pretty sure he never gave anyone 2 points and one and a technical on a missed shot. Good times, Good times.🤡🎅👏
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