Rob Jordan has passed away

Sad news. Rob Jordan passed away. Being reported on another board
Little Rock, Arkansas
Just devastating news. Thoughts and prayers to the Jordan family.
Rockford, Illinois
This is so very sad. We met Rob a few times, talked with him at Scotty’s, even sat behind him, his wife, and daughter at the Northwestern game. He was ALWAYS positive, even in heart wrenching defeat. He was also the biggest supporter of Illinois basketball there could be. Our thoughts and prayers are with AJ and his family. Rob will be missed by Illini Nation...
Bonnaroo Land
Very sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to AJ and his family. I very much liked reading his posts, and admired the dedicated father he was.
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Always Illini
Central Illinois
So sad to hear this news. Thoughts go out to AJ and his family. Rob was a good man. AJ will carry that forward.
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Wow. So sad to hear this. Deepest condolences to Aaron and his family
Aurora, IL
Yeah, this is awful. And combined with the fact that it's Father's Day. So sorry for Aaron and his family.
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Rob was one of the good ones. He will be dearly missed. My heart goes out to AJ and the rest of his family.
Northwest Suburbs
Just wanted to add one more thing... If there’s anyone that’s bouncing back strong from this, it’s Aaron Jordan. And he’s gonna uplift those close to him in pain.