Rob Jordan has passed away

Well that's an absolute gut punch at the end of father's day... I always appreciated his unique insight into the program and his and his son's life. Hoped to have it around for years to come... Thoughts with the Jordan family.

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So sorry to hear this. Mr. Jordan could not have been a more supportive parent! Prayers for AJ and his family. Horrible Father’s Day for their family.
Mr. Jordan was the greatest advocate for Aaron (as he should be) and I saw that support pay off in spades with his son and raising such a pillar. I am sorry to have heard the news and wish the family all the best during this difficult time.
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I loved watching AJ play out his career at Illinois because you could see how much it meant to him to be a part of this program. It also felt like AJ was a family friend because Rob would post here and let us in to see a small part of what it's like to have a son playing at Illinois. Sad news for everyone.
A terrible loss for AJ, the Jordan family, and so many others, no doubt. Despite never having met him in person, his public presentations regarding his son, the recruitment phase, the coaching changes, and his support for this University, made me feel optimism, strength, and dignity.
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Such sad news. RIP, Rob, and condolences to AJ and the family.

It's been mentioned already, but I think it's worth repeating. Both Rob and AJ embody the core ideals of what I think most of us want Illini Nation to stand for. The passion, work ethic, and sense of community that AJ displays is a testament to Rob and the rest of the Jordan family. That, combined with a healthy dose of realism/pragmatism was always welcome. We, as Illini, are lucky to have the family involved in our program, and we, as IllinoisLoyalty, were fortunate that Rob was willing to give us a glimpse into those ideals in action.

We'll miss you, Rob. Feel free to share insider stories of wherever you are any time! We'd love to hear from ya...even if it is an off topic thread!
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Our thoughts and Prayers to Aaron and his family. Mr Jordan was a wonderful man. Proud of his son who is also a wonderful carbon copy of his Dad. He was so proud of Aaron. I asked his parents “Who gave Aaron his beautiful Smile?” Mr. Jordan quickly raised his hand and said “That was Me!” I will always remember that moment and his own wonderful smile!
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The Man stole my heart during Aaron's announcement to attend Illinois. As Aaron choked up while thanking his parents, Rob shouted, "That's what I'm talking about!" This is quite a loss.
This is extremely tragic. I don't know of a parent who supported the O&B the way he did. Even through some tough times. I spoke with Rob at the BTT and he said it has really been a fun ride. He said that they got to go to a lot of places they ordinarily would not have gone to.
I hope the whole team and staff show up for the funeral. AJ deserves that type of support.
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As an middle age guy that never had kids I always respected Rob's attitude towards his son, and admired his ability to contribute to this board while having a him on the team. RIP I will miss you and your son!!
I don't even know what to say. I got that empty feeling in the pit of my stomach when I read this. At least he got to see his son play through his senior season. My condolences and prayers go out to the entire Jordan family. This has to be crushing to AJ.
Really sorry to hear about Rob's paasing. Like many others have said, I always liked to hear his perspective- what a class act. Rob did a great job in raising his son- a class act as well. Thoughts and prayers to Aaron and family.
I am devastated to hear that Rob Jordan passed away.

In all my years of following Illinois Basketball- I have never seen such a Father and Son Illinois Loyalty bond.

Rob would participate here on this forum from time to time as a voice of reason while his son proudly played basketball at Illinois I am sure going to miss him.

AJ- There are no words that I can say to eliminate your pain but I can tell you your Father is a great person and so are you. My prayers are with your family.
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Just brutal. Deepest condolences to his family. Rob was a real good guy, with a great sense of humor. Did a wonderful job raising Aaron. Way too soon. RIP.
Deepest condolences to the family. You will always being living in your son, makes one realize how fragile life is. RIP
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