Sally Ride Passes Away

Tiny Illini
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Maybe this is more important to me because I'm one of the few females on this board, but Sally Ride has passed away from cancer. She was only 61.

I remember when she became the first American woman in space. Although I was very young at the time (maybe five or six) I was very aware of the significance of the moment, and how wonderful it was for a woman to break yet another barrier. At that age I was still quite interested in science, although for a variety of reasons that interest faded. Nevertheless, she was a reminder to me that girls could achieve their dreams if they worked hard enough.

Rest in peace.
Very sad indeed, I remember looking up to astronauts, as so many kids do. I may not be female, but she definitely inspired me too. Maybe because my mom talked so much about her when I went through my spaceman phase as a kid.

I also had no idea that she was a lesbian (though apparently it wasn't a huge secret). Peace and comfort to her family and spouse and RIP Sally. Thanks for giving kids (and adults, really) something to dream about.
Sorry to hear this. She was a true pioneer.