SEC tourney in St Louis

Wow, I just saw that the SEC basketball tourney is in St. Louis. Had others seen that? While I was fine with the BigTen passing on Mizzou for conference expansion, what a great gateway to the north St. Louis and Mizzou will be for the SEC. Hadn't realized how strategic that could be for them.
St. Peters MO
Oh yeah....all the mizzery bandwagon jumpers are piling on. Especially if Porter is back which appears highly likely.
I had known about them moving it to St. Louis. They had previously signed a long term deal to hold it in Nashville and this just appears to be one of the years that it won't be there (In 2022, it'll be in Tampa).

If I had to guess I'd say it may have something to do with Nashville hosting first and second round games in the tournament and wanting the arena to be prepped for those events rather than having the SEC tournament and the early rounds running back to back weekends.