Super Bowl LIII

With the first quarter ending, it keeps a streak alive where the Patriots have scored no more than 3 points in each of their Super Bowl appearances during the Brady/Belichick era. Last year was the first time they scored any points in the 1st quarter of a Super Bowl during this era.
Even though it finished at 13 to 3, I was pretty much entertained. Gotta believe lowest scoring was Belichek's goal from day one.
near Ogden & Rt 83
the league has a way of catching up to all these young phenoms, be it coaches or players

I think Mahomes is great for the league and seems like a good kid. But he's going to find all his weaknesses will be exposed next year.
Every team that is playing KC next year is going to have 5 months to look at tape and break it down.
iirc, don't the Bears play them next year ?