Tevian Jones enters transfer portal

How bad in practice could Jones possibly have been? The off court issues, two years in a row, I'm sure didn't help, but man.....less one game, you'd never know the kid was in the program.
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If 2 more are likely Hamlin has to be one of them. Not sure he will ever crack the rotation consistently. He’d be better off in the Valley or Horizon league where he could contribute.
BBV is a big questionmark. Saw some flashes, but perhaps the injuries continue to be an issue. Hope he can get healthy and play somewhere. (If not Illinois)
Saw the writing on the wall w/ TJ months ago.

I will reserve judgement on all these once we see what BU and his staff have cooking. Wishing all of these young men luck, but hoping it’s all because there is no clear path to playing time for them.
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Pretty clear with Underwood, if you can not carry your weight on defense your playing time is going to be reduced.
Yep....and when you go back and watch Trent and DMFW....you start to understand how our season improved so much. BU has said it so many times, no matter how good a shooting team you are, some nights they just aren't gonna go in. The teams that play defense and rebound win those games.
Rating services rate on offense by and large. When you have trouble defending in a man to man D, you get exposed. C'est la guerre. I agree with 0440, we'll be better when this all shakes out.
Thank you for talking me off the ledge the last couple days 😂
Good luck Tevian. Hoping for better days ahead for you.

Go Illini
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You basing this on something, or just hope?
He's hinted that we're in on some pretty good transfers. Malik Fitts is the most impressive name I've seen thrown around, but he has not entered the transfer portal as of writing.