The story behind Papa Del's pizza

Deep dish? Hmm.....

And there's plenty of good thin crust pizza here. But there are only two "Chicago style" pizzerias here: Chicago's (near the Medical Center) and Kennedy's (on the west side). Chicago's was very disappointing and we haven't made it to Kennedy's yet but Chicagoans tell me that my instincts are right and something is just a little off.

I mean, at this point I'd even take an Uno's or a Giordano's, LOL.
Try Trilogy in Stone Oak. Nowhere near the real thing, but better than Med Center. Kennedy's SUCKS- crust has no taste. Owner is from Chicago so no idea what he's thinking.

Caveat is I've only been to Trilogy once a year ago. May have been lucky.

We should get together for a game and order Papa Del's!
But it was a hell of a substitute when I couldn't get my Gino's or Malnati's fix.
For me taste in pizza was like taste in music - once formed it persists.

The music I came to love while at Illinois remains my all-time favorite, and although I enjoy Malnatis, Genos, Nancys and lots of other good pizza where I live, Papa Dels is still no. 1. I've taken my teenagers there and they think it's no big deal.