Tony Yates passes away

Saw him play against St Louis U in 62. Didn't look to score, good point guard, cat quick. It was always 5 on 4 and you had the 4 because Yates would take your best player and stone cold shut him down. Great defensive player.
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RIP Tony; without him Lou would have had a much more difficult time rebuilding the basketball program. His wife was my guidance counselor in HS as well; very nice lady
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First meet Yates and Jimmy Collins at the old Chancellor Inn during the IHSA boys basketball tourney in the late 70s....TY was a good guy and helped bring the basketball program back to relevancy under coach Henson.....RIP and prayers to the family
Tony spoke at my frat his first year at Illinois. I remember being very impressed. I think we all went and bought season tickets after that.

RIP and thanks for being an Illini.
Tony's work helped re-start the basketball program.

One the many smart things Lou Henson did was keeping Tony on staff after Lou was hired to replace Gene Bartow.
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