Transfers Thread

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Illinois is going to need to add a couple more o-line recruits to this '19 class.
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Never like to see transfers but these two young men would have likely left before now, if they weren’t just a semester away from graduating. Seem like class acts. Wish them luck in the future.
Is there any particular date by which it would be likely that we'd have heard about all transfer decisions that would affect next season's roster?
Likes: Dren1
The 2017 National Champs are re-loading. Could very well stand to go 12-0 next season again. Big opponent is Stanford; Wimbush's experience against them/Stanfords playmaker losses should give UCF the edge.
It's a good pickup for UCF, given their loss of Milton, but Wimbush struggled to complete 50% of his passes during his time at ND.
This is a big loss for the secondary. I had heard rumblings about him being unhappy here due to all of the transfers of other players from his class but was hoping he'd stick around.
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