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Fitts is entering the NBA draft and specifically said "forgoing" his senior season. Cross that one of the list
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So who else should we expect as the biggest possibilities to transfer and play next year?
The staff will bring good talent in to replace Alan.
We will like the roster come August even more than we did last year, I'll tell u that :)
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Totally forgot about CV* for a bit. Almost.

* not Charlie Villanueva
Fitts game is what the NBA looks for from that sized of player, another reason Whitney goes undrafted...and this is a WEAK draft. Fitts is actually smart for going this time around. He will move up the charts with "experts" hyping him and his game. Big payday for this guy imo.
Hang on now. If a college player who meets the requirements enters the NBA draft but is not drafted he can return to college as long as they notify their athletic director by 5 PM on the Monday following the draft. I’m not certain if that is the case if they can still transfer. Anyone know? Like someone mentioned we won’t know until August what the roster will be.
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A quick search doesn’t show Fitts in many draft boards except for a few late 2nd round projections.

I did stumble across some information highlighting just how rare it is for a college player to be drafted who wasn’t invited to the combine. Roughly 60 players are selected for the combine based on team polls. Will be telling if Ayo and Fitts receive invites (assuming it isn’t cancelled this year).
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