Transfers Thread

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I just traced his IP address pinging to Winston-Salem websites and cross-checked that by noting a Cessna left Willard bound for NC this morning on FlightAware. Easy peasy.
Whether or not you traced the ip address you were very very close, however I just landed in South Dakota But you were close!!
When I am able to obtain info I have to respect the "insiders" stipulations, as well as the players, otherwise I would lose any connection or bridge I have
That being said,
I Can neither confirm nor deny that its brown, or if it's a transfer, or recruit,
However I have been told the person gave a silent verbal comittment, and will release his comittment sometime within 2 to 3 weeks tops.
What I can tell you is the person who gave a "silent verbal " to the staff is a quote "Playmaker".
By the way guys and gals, underwood and his team along with some players like georgi B and trent frazier know all about this forum and I know for a fact that they check in on it from time to time, keep that in mind!
That being said
I think your post is a capitalized certain letters and included line breaks in strange places. So, my deduction is that we will receive a commit from "WITICHWIBTILL."
Not open for further replies.