Transfers Thread

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Huntsville, AL
Looks like Michigan has put up a quick smoke and mirror show since they missed out on Adam Miller. Chaundee is missing out on a chance in a lifetime in being part of what is happening at Illinois !!
Chaundee ain’t coming. Things changed as I said earlier.

Howard ain’t much into being secretive about the way he recruits...

Couple options left in the portal. Wouldn’t shock me if they rolled it into next year though or took a re-class.

They want the right fit and won’t settle on a kid that could mess things up locker room wise.

Lots of 2021 kids will be announcing reclasses soon and we will be in the mix for many of those kids.
The Nojel Eastern situation could end up being weird. I guess his Mom is a real nut job.
Not surprised. If memory serves, he announced going pro after a pedestrian freshman year, and really hasn't improved over his career since.

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