TV Shows

Quincy, IL
It really is the golden age of television shows.

Of those you listed, I've seen and very much enjoyed Luther and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (the last episode on psychics was incredible). On my list are Russian Doll, Sex Education, Atypical (not a big fan of Michael Rappaport, but I can make due), Happy Valley, Ozark (all seasons), and True Detective (seasons 2 & 3; I doubt season 2 was as bad as the critics panned it to be, and I very much enjoy Mahershala Ali for season 3).

I'm primarily a Netflix viewer (the only other streaming service I have is Amazon), and the good thing about having Netflix programming is that there's less pressure to catch up on those shows because they will likely be there forever. Alas, here are some of the others on my current list "to watch later":
  • Murder Mountain (true crime docuseries about marijuana)
  • The Sinner (small town murder mystery with Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman)
  • You (aspiring writer turned stalker).
Perhaps I need some lighter shows to mix in there. :)
"You" is actually pretty light for a stalker/murder show. I rather liked it. I found myself rooting for the stalker. Sort of like Dexter. And about as believable, but if that doesn't bother you it's pretty fun.
Is there a movie on this flight?
Just finished season 5 of Bosch. Outstanding, as usual. Highly, highly recommend it.

Saw a little tease of the Deadwood movie on an HBO promo. Can't believe it got done. Little know fact: Titus Weliver (Bosch) was in Deadwood.
Is there a movie on this flight?
Loving Chernobyl (HBO/Sky). 4 episodes in on Catch-22 (Hulu). Really good show. Halfway through Dead To Me (Netflix). Thought it was going to be predictable. It's not.
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I just finished up Easy on Netflix. Love Joe Swanberg's work. The ensemble cast was wonderful (though I don't understand the appeal of Dave Franco).