University of Illinois Campustown Fire at 625-627-629 E. Green St. (Zorbas, Mia Za's, Pitaya), Wednesday, March 23, 2011, Champaign, IL

Savoy, IL
I am enjoying a Zorb's gyro as takeout from their Taste of Champaign tent.

The Eatfest continues until 10 PM Sat & from 11 - 6 PM Sunday.

Owner Matt Mortenson was quoted on TV saying Zorba's would reopen; the
timeline looks like late Fall. They will have an updated theme, obviously,
as the Illini lore wall decorations and mural didn't survive.
ME TOO! Just had a chicken gyro like a half hour ago. YUM.
Orange Krush Class of 2013
Stanford, CA
Bummer to hear that their Illini stuff didn't survive. They had a great collection. We will just have to do some more winning and get them some fresh material!
Great news, according to the Champaign Center Partnership eNewsletter, the building destroyed by the March 23 Campustown fire is set to be rebuilt to original appearance.
Campustown Building Set for Reconstruction

Building Damaged By Fire will be Rebuilt to Original Appearance

Architectural Expressions LLP has submitted building plans on behalf of the three owners of the building severely damaged as a result of the March 23, 2011 fire. The building at 625-627-629 E. Green Street which houses Mia Za's, Zorbas, and Pitaya has been undergoing demolition of the upper floor portion of the building since the fire.

Champaign Center Partnership eNewsletter
That's a winner!!
I could really go for a gyro, no where to get that really where I live.
Orange Krush Class of 2013
Stanford, CA
I wanted to go there Wednesday, saw them cleaning off tables and stuff so I knew it had to be close! I went to the new Za's instead, which is nice, but I will definitely be getting me some Zorba's next week.