Unofficial 2012 - University of Illinois - March 2nd-3rd

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I can't even imagine what Unofficial will be like if there is a tornado warning, hail, and severe thunderstorms like it is being predicted for tomorrow...mass chaos.
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Yeah, was pretty fortunate weather wise the past 4 years during my time. I think it ended up raining last year, but after it got dark. My freshmen and sophomore years the weather was just amazing. Junior year was decent too. Last year was gloomy out, but like I said it didn't start raining until after dark.
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Great day to have a roommate with a police scanner!
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So far, a fire at Hendrick House that has been cleared - probably caused by an elevator motor.

A thunderstorm just hit the area featuring pea-sized hail.

Tornado watch until 6pm.
I've been checking on and off, and heard little so far. Let's see where this goes.
Update - The weather has cleared up, the sun is out, and everyone is on Green St, at a bar, and/or hanging from a balcony.
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How long has Unofficial been going on? I mean, I did a lot of partying in college and for some reason I don't remember this at all. :)
As of 3 PM, 41 tickets have been issued in connection with #Unofficial

#Unofficial ticket breakdown: 5 adult responsibility, 1 delivery to minor, 1 keg pos w/o license, 24 minor in pos, 10 public possession.

#Unofficial tickets have been issued to people from 11 schools, 3 states, and from ages 18-24.

#Unofficial ticket breakdown by school: 2 Harold Washington Coll, 1 ISU, 1 Iowa, 1 Luther Coll, 2 Mizzou, 3 Morriane Valley, 3 SUIC (contd)

(contd) 3 SIUE, 1 St Xavier, 18 UIUC, 1 Wisconsin
#Unofficial update as of 8 PM: 121 tickets issued, 3 state arrests, 30 happy hour violations at Red Lion, 14 happy hour violations at Kams

Of the 121 tickets, 99 were issued by Champaign police, 14 by UI Police, and 8 by Urbana Police #Unofficial

Ticket breakdown: 10 adult responsibility, 3 carrying open liquor our of premise, 1 delivery to minor, 1 keg pos w/o license (contd)

(contd) 65 minor in possession, 2 possession of cannabis, 33 public possession, 1 public urination, 5 throwing of dangerous materials

Tickets were issued to people from six states: IL, IA, WI, MO, IN, & MI. #Unofficial

Ticket breakdown by school: 1 Augustana, 1 Depaul, 1 Elgin CC, 2 Harold Washington Coll, 1 IL Valley CC, 5 ISU, 6 Iowa, 1 Loras Coll (contd)

(contd) 1 Loyola, 1 Luther Coll, 2 Mizzou, 2 Moraine Valley CC, 3 NIU, 1 Parkland, 1 Prarie St CC, 1 Purdue, 3 SIUC, 3 SIUE (contd)

(contd) 1 St Xavier Univ, 1 Triton Coll, 1 UIC, 62 UIUC, 1 WMU, 3 Wisconsin

The age of those who received a ticket ranged from 18 to 30. #Unofficial.
As of 3 AM, the #Unofficial ticket count is at 289, which is down from last year at the same time.
The comments section is quite lively in this News-Gazette article about Unofficial.

Comment #12-
University of Illinois graduate Rick Ross (FAKE NAME) of Chicago made it clear why he returned to his alma mater for Unofficial St. Patrick's Day: Booze and sex.

"I love this," said the 22-year-old who said he received his master's degree in structural engineering in 201 (22 WITH A MASTERS IN ENGINEERING?) He took the day off from his Chicago job so he could stretch his partying into a three-day weekend.(WHO WOULD BE STUPID ENOUGH TO ADMIT THIS.. RED FLAG THAT IT WAS A FAKE NAME)..

"I give the bartender a $30 tip," said Ross, who added that he even has his own (LIES! RED FLAG THAT HE IS LYING)Friday's was his sixth annual drinking holiday on the UI campus.(SO HE CAME TO HIS FIRST UNOFFICIAL AT AGE 16?)

The fact that the reporter didn't realize this was a lie until commenters pointed it out, and then deleted it with no correction or mention of the earlier mistake is ridiculous. Great job n-g, getting conned by a bunch of drunk kids.
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Out-of-town student fell from balcony at Unofficial

Champaign police now say there was at least one serious injury reported to them on Unofficial St. Patrick's Day.

Sgt. Jim Clark said a 21-year-old Naperville man who admitted he had been drinking fell from a balcony of an apartment building at 501 E. Healey St., C, and sustained a broken pelvis and broken bones on the left side of his face..

"He was trying to climb from an upper balcony to a lower balcony and he fell," Clark said, reading from the report.