Video- Let's Get to Work: 2012 Fall Welcome to the Illinois Campus

st petersburg, fl
I actually think it's pretty well done and not at all corny. Simple, straightforward, and with some artistic flair - i'm good with it. Then again, I might be comparing to the "Oh, you're an illinois grad" commercials with old guy with messed up hair and glasses - now that was corny.

I'm sure Beckman was plenty busy while they were filming this - maybe even up in Rantoul.
I won't knock the video because it was produced by a friend of mine from high school. The point of it was to let everyone know that there is a lot of change at Illinois, and now it's time to make things happen.
And no, I saw no sign of Beck. Seems odd, doesn't it?
It certainly does. How hard can it be? Coach Beckman, put on this orange t-shirt. Call make-up. Walk around for 15 seconds in slow motion.

Wait a minute....maybe that's it! Beckman can't go in slow motion! :thumb: