Vontae Davis Story on ESPN

They didn't mention it in the story, but I wonder if Davis and Mendenhall have ever discussed their exits from the NFL. Similar in some ways.
I had classes with Vontae. He was always kind of goofy, just the stereotypical jock. Him and Brit miller in the same class was a great time for everyone. It’s cool to see how time pushes through people and how their perspectives grow.

The nfl doesn’t give a damn about the players. The sport causes people to not be able to walk in their 30s. Players can get cut/traded at any time, but once they do something on their terms they’re the bad guy. F that. I think every nfl player should just get paid and walk out with their middle finger up. But that’s just me.
it used to be 10 years to earn a pension in the NFL. the average life span of an NFL'er is around 3 years, (once he makes a team.)
think of the hundreds of kids every year cut without a bonus check or game check. its a brutal sport that most incredible
athletes are on the street at 24-27 with nothing to fall back on. get your degrees guys!
I still remember Calvin Brock and Jeff Jordan, at 19, serving drinks behind the bar at CO’s. They didn’t work there. I wonder why that place shut down...
That would be the fun reason. The less fun reason would be the health inspector's report...:sick: