Wake Forest 80, Illinois 73 POSTGAME

A lot of excuses, none valid. We are not even close to a good basketball team. AJ is the only guy deserving any praise. Future is bright with DW and MS but not seeing any other positives for this season

Baffling. The comments by some "fans" are just baffling. Anyone who can't see that the officiating clearly impacted the outcome of this game, well, I just don't know what to say. Bad officiating on the road however is unfortunately the norm in college basketball.

Those of you calling this a"bad loss" just again show how clueless this "fan"base can be. You lost to an ACC team on the road. The selection committee will never classify a road loss to a true P5 team a "bad" loss. WF will win their fare share of games this year.
Agreed. He was running down the court, Childress ran into him. Didn’t throw an elbow or anything. Of course he didn’t get out of the way either, but nothing there really. Childress trying to milk that.

Agree. He was going to the basket and the wake player was celebrating and walked right in the path. He didn't elbow him, just ran him over.
yeah im 100% aware. but the refs don't cause 2 turnovers in final 30 seconds because we can't hold a basketball.

I would like an explanation on the reversed foul call against Alstork. I didn’t think you could reverse the personal, only determine whether or not it was flagrant. I think they just made one up.
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the 3pt basket that was an absolute offensive goaltend then a foul called and wf got the ball then hit a 3pter was the most egregious bad reffing I have ever seen....

6 pts turned the game...BU should tear the refs a new one...
Two horrific calls (and lots of bad ones). I certainly wish we pulled out a win in this "learning experience" but I think this game does us good in the long run:

1. Understand the need to alter play to the refs
2. AJ needs to start
3. Need the us against the world mentality on the road
I can handle some of the questionable calls, but I can’t handle the foul reversal and the non-goaltending when they’re watching that in the monitor. That’s just blatantly bad refereeing and that crew should be punished.

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The team isn’t perfect but they fight. We definitely made mistakes, but we definitely got some AWFUL calls.

Doral Moore is a beast. The WF guards are decent, but I’m not impressed by what I saw.

I’m even less impressed by what I saw from Tejon and Alstork. If we are going to do anything we absolutely have to get more out of them. Mark Smith you are included in that also, he was very timid tonight.

Tough one to swallow.

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I agree but I don't know what is going on in practices but Smith doesn't look aggressive at all...he's not even looking for his shot.... he looks like he's trying to stay in the game by just swinging the ball....

Kipper is out of control and selfish and has been from the start ... yes he has scored some points but if you watch his pass games he forces a lot of shots and tonight they were not mid majors and DIII schools...
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There's home-cooking, which happens, and then there's being inept. These guys looked like they actually didn't know the rules.
We got Ayo.
Can he bring a seven footer with him?

But in all seriousness, encouraged by a lot of things, but of course disappointed we lost. So many plays that didn't go our way. Alstork had a three called off early also due to a travel. Can think of about 15 points the refs cost us on both ends along with a lot more free throws for Wake. I'm encouraged, but need every win we can he get at this point in the season. Especially with the Big Ten looking down this year and likely not getting as many bids as usual.
I took little if anything from the game, we did not have half our team, most the night. The refs took away any rhythm or agressiveness we had once we realized we couldn’t touch them, but they could clobber us. This young team had no chance in that atmosphere. They just need to absorb it and learn whatever they can
None valid. LOL. There own fans are saying were got jobbed by the refs, read their game thread.

The offensive foul on Wake waived off after an inexplicably long review spurred a big Wake run to start the second half. Then another big run spurred by the tipped in 3-pointer when Illinois was clawing back. Wake players should be writing thank you cards to the refs in the post-game.
Proud of parts of the effort, we came out strong, defense is ok, think BU lost his focus couple times, we will be better. Focus on Mildcats. We should have won.:tsk::illinois:
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You gotta hate a game where an unmistakably beatable team just does their thing while we do the whole '4 minutes without a basket' thing. Twice. Even with the several calls by the officials that had me questioning if I even know what the rules in basketball are, we should have won just by making a shot or two here or there.

Unfortunately, we're going to see zone all year long, even by teams who never play it.

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Unfortunately it's a typical road game for illini. We go on long scoring droughts, the refs give us no calls, we play timid, we lose. It will get better, in BU I trust.
Two horrific calls (and lots of bad ones). I certainly wish we pulled out a win in this "learning experience" but I think this game does us good in the long run:

1. Understand the need to alter play to the refs
2. AJ needs to start
3. Need the us against the world mentality on the road

The Illini need to take advantage of the defense keying on Jordan. Great intensity early. Foul trouble took the wind out of their sails. Teams will zone a lot. Need to learn to attack it.