Week 1 Games

Taking it back to the entrances, let’s be honest. Nothing like that will ever work here because people will complain about others standing and not being able to see the players run on to the field.
No they won't. I mean, I sure as hell will, but decent people won't. ;) /s
Oswego, IL
Nebraska not exactly lighting up South Alabama, yet.

14-7 with 1:14 left in the 1st half.
But....but I thought Jeff Brohm was going to make Purdue a NY6 contender this season. What a shame...
Not many people thought Purdue was going to be great this year. To put in perspective, They are considered a toss up against us. And we were considered bad. I think our narrative changes after the first 1/3 of the season
Little Rock, Arkansas
In baseball news, San Diego State beat Weber St 6-0.

Northwestern (using 3 QBs today) loses to #25 Stanford 17-7! ;)
I watched much of that game. Hunter Johnson started and was terrible, was replaced by Green, who looked pretty good but got injured so Johnson came back in. He was really, really bad. To cap off his performance, with 30 seconds to go down 3, he scrambled back towards his own end zone, fumbled and Stanford fell on it for the TD to seal the win. I think NW could have won that game if TJ Green didn't get injured. I kept thinking, I wish Illinois played defense like Northwestern, except for the missed tackles, which were plentiful. Isaiah Bowser got injured. I'm not sure how severe the injuries are, but if Bowser and Green are out, I like Illinois' chances.
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You think Willie Taggert's seat is hot? Go 5-7 in first season and then lose to Boise St. to start this season. After Jimbo's run, I'm guessing FSU fans are not happy.
My best friend is an FSU dude. Was blowing my phone up during the game
Northwestern looks beatable. Stanford seemed blah. Missouri and Tennessee losing good for our recruiters. At the same time wouldn't mind adding 5 grad transfers next year.
With all the trash mizzou talks, there is nothing more fitting. A team they beat by 30 points last year and with a 17 point spread, looked embarrassingly bad.
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