Week 11 Games

I am currently channel surfing other sports/watching the NIU vs Toledo game on ESPN2. They just went into the half. To my surprise College Game Day's Desmond Howard is the analyst for this game coming from Dekalb, IL. What did he do to the powers that be at ESPN to warrant this assignment? Has he been doing this all season? Does Herbstreit do this, voluntarily?
Sycamore, Illinois
Based on???? Quick look at their record and they've only beaten 1 team over .500... And all their wins are under 7 point???
Well if you want to extrapolate... NIU went on the road and beat BYU. BYU went on the road and beat Wisconsin. Wisconsin spanked us.
Minnesota defeating Purdue is difficult to understand.

Es ist ganz und gar unmöglich!
Man what happened to Purdue? They were so much better than Minne - not even close in what we saw. Maybe there is something to the week after firing your DC?
We could try it again and see. But seriously, I'm guessing the D picks up their intensity when that happens. Although I can't imagine Minny picking up that much intensity. They were horrible and Purdue looked unstoppable against us and OSU. ??
I hope you've already checked yourself into an ER preemptively...

And will somebody please explain this game to me? My tiny little brain cannot comprehend it
Got a hot nurse so it isn't too bad here.

But seriously. Were there some significant injuries on Purdue's side? Or is football really that random among mediocre and average teams? Wow.