Week 13 Games

Under 5 minutes to go. How's MSU's kicker? They're starting on around the Rutgers 35.

Edit: ne'ermind. Now its 14 - 10 MSU.
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Meanwhile this happened in the aftermath of the LSU/Texas A&M game:

Some context may need to be given on this. Kevin Faulk, former NFL RB who played at LSU and is the director of player development at the school, was going after a guy who reportedly punched the chest of LSU analyst and special assistant Steve Kragthorpe. Kragthorpe suffers from Parkinson's disease and also has a pacemaker.

It appears that Texas A&M receivers coach Dameyune Craig was behind a lot of this. He was a receivers coach at LSU in 2016 and was seen shouting vulgarities at the LSU bench while the crowd was storming the field. He reportedly even threw his headset at LSU staffers and tried to pick a fight with them.