Who has two thumbs and is excited for Cubs Baseball?!?!?!?!

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3 games into the season, and i'm already pissed.

i like the look of the cubs, but the last 2 loses looked like the cubs of last year. no clutch hitting whatsoever. and where's nomar? he had a great spring training, and now he's hitting tappers to 3rd base every time up.

i'm still optimistic, though. gotta get prior back.

go cubbies!
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I'm not worried . . . yet. My main problem is that you can't keep letting teams score with 2 outs. All day they sat there, got two out and then let the Diamondbacks score a couple before the third out. We need to finish guys and finish them fast. But its early, 3 games down, 159 to go.
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Some wit (probably on the IB) pointed out that the Cubs have already lost more games this season than Illinois did last season. Kind of funny, kind of sad.

I don't really give a well-hung squirrel's nuts about baseball until the playoffs (and even then, my interest is superficial at best), but I really find it gratifying that at this time, I can have some sort of sports on the television in which I truly have no rooting interest (or non-rooting interest, for that matter...) whatsoever. It's soothing without being nerve-wracking.

I appreciate it.
I live in Hume now but it is still as boring as Br
WHOO WHOO GO CUBBIES!!!!! Illini day was awesome my 2 favorite teams in the whole wide world in one place!! Also the cubs are doing alot better they had that 7 game winnig streak and there missing 2 good ppl i think if they continue like this then watch out cardinals!!!!!!
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As long as we can stay within 7 to 8 games of the Cardinals by late July, we will be ready for close race for the NL Central (of course this assumes that we get all the injured players back and they are effective). I'm not sure but we may only be 4 or 5 games back from the wild card right now so the season is still looking good. :D