Wisconsin 64, Illinois 58 POSTGAME

we shoudlve won despite this but man, the officiating was awful at times:

Davison getting calls while pushing off
the bailout call for trice onwhat should've been a shot clock violation
-reuvers shoving ppl in the back all game
-the Iverson timeout on the baseline (yet it took them 5 seconds to give us a TO in the end of the game with BU screaming for it in the refs ears
-Offensive call on Jordan bc davisons weak arse ran into him full speed and fell. GTFO

etc etc

That being said, we gotta make more bunnies...we win this game despite that if a few bunnies go down or if trent/ayo shoot just slightly below their averages. Oh well
Very good defense overall, sloppy offense, too much hero ball at times, dare I say someone may have been reading some press clippings this week and last. This was Ayo worst game since earlier this year. The kid is a great player, but he gets overwhelmed at times and he had no less than 5 really bad/selfish/out of position plays that cost us dearly.

This offense works so much better going from low to high than the other way around it is quite ridiculous as to why we don't play that way until someone can stop Giorgi down low...the kid has way to good of movement to just take passes and hand off...
The combination of good breaks for Wisky coupled with small blunders by Illini lead to a tough loss that could have been a huge win. Just keep playing with urgency, beat Ped State, and get ready to play hard and efficient in a huge win in West Lafayette.
We played pretty well. We shot very poorly and were still in it the whole way at a very difficult place to win. They killed us in second chance points. And their guards were very smart to drive straight into our pressure. Hopefully some good learning points for us - especially team boxing out/defensive rebounding. also good experience playing a tight game in a hostile environment.

would be absolutely fantastic to hold serve at home and then take this experience and take it to purdue.
I really wanna see how we match up against Purdue.

At the end of the day, win or lose this game, I'm not sure how much really changes outside of a better chance at an NIT birth.

What I saw is another team we KNOW we can beat come BIG tournament time. Iowa to this point, is the only team, based on regular season results, we would have to totally flip the script on in the tournament.
Likes: the national
This game has NOTHING to do with ref's...we should have won simply put...execute and I honestly think we could have won by nearly double digits on the road.

Trent layups
Trade off 3's
Turnover at the end
4-5 bad early 3 shots

Illini fouled as much as Wisky, they just made some plays that our young guys haven't quite mastered yet.