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I watched lots of Ricky Rubio vids, and the guy amazes me like Pistol Pete in the early to mid 70's. I loved listening to the Atlanta Hawks broadcasts on my transistor radio in the early 70's b/c I love flash and fun, and Pete epitomized those traits.

I'm boldly predicting that Ricky Rubio is the 2nd Coming of Pistol Pete Maravich.

That said, PPM had a nice run in the NBA, but wasn't on a winner, and stats and effectiveness were so-so. Flash players, oftentimes, have tons of turnovers, and maybe RR will have that problem. Magic didn't, but will RR? I don't know, but he will be fun to keep an eye on and watch his NBA game develop (that is, if the NBA has a season!!).

Does anyone out there have a good, educated "take" on this guy? Seriously, after watching his vids I became a believer, but, highlight films can fool even the best evaluator.

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