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I would not disagree that Illinois is behind right now the programs that you mentioned and we have Weber to thank for that. Since the last players who were recruited and played for Self left, it has been the worst stretch in our school's history since the late 70s. So no argument there.

But you mentioned the Illinois "coaching" job as mid-level BT job (in the context of Stevens) and you tried to justify your response by how you will advise a kid (a player) for the next 4 years. How is that relevant? Indiana had been atrocious for the last few years until this year. Would you have considered the IU job a low level BT job?

And coming back to your example of advising kids, since Indiana had been so bad until this year, I assume you would have also advised kids like Zeller, Perea, Ferrell and Hollowell against IU. Correct? I am following your logic. Obviously they did not base their decision to that logic, correct?

I'd advise any kid to avoid what could be a coaching change, I know that. Indiana never had any issue who would be the coach.

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