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Give me Finke and a solid PG for 2014 and I will be happy...2015 is the year we get our Studs.
You know how many years and times we have said that? Almost every year it's well 2013 is the year of resurgence because there's Parker and Alex Foster and we lead for both and have a realistic shot at landing them. That doesn't work and its 2014 with Okafor and Alexander, KBD, Peyton Allen, and Larry Austin. Now 2015. You can't even say we lead on Hyron Edwars, DJ Williams or Charles Matthews yet because the real recruiting game for them hasn't even started yet. Duke, UNC, Kansas, and Kentucky don't need to look 2 years into the future. The time will come when they will pop into the picture for these 2015 kids and when they do that's when we will see where the Illini stand.
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