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2013 was just a top 10-20 class. Got a stud in Hill, imo. We didn't get Parker, but we didn't want Foster. Foster is a midmajor type, imo. Why even mention him? Groce didn't want him or Tommy Hamilton. We got the second and third best players out of the state in Hill and Nunn. Not bad.

2014 we still have a chance to have a good class. KBD is a loss, no doubt. We don't want Peyton Allen, so why mention him? We still have a shot at Austin but there may be better options out there. Finke is a riser who is getting good offers. He has a chance to be a 6-10 kid with shooting and ballhandling skills. I hope he becomes an Illini.

2015 is mentioned because the class is loaded and it is the next time we have a boatload of scholarships available.

I don't get the gloom and doom. Yes, we can't reload as fast as Duke, UNC, Kansas, or Kentucky. You are talking about the top four programs in the country and we are not one of them. However, Indiana is considered a top program and it took them longer than two years to reload.
People are also forgetting Rice as part of the 13 group.

The 2015 group can turn out to be the great one. With that group you have Smith talking up Illinois and everybody knows Simeon has some great talent coming out of that group. There is no doubt we will be players for them and serious players. Groce got Smith on board and that was HUGE. With a limited number of scholarships available for next season KBD doesnt hurt so bad. Get a PG and a big bodied banger and move to the 15 class with Smith.

In all fairness KBD has always loved OSU and Groce had 7 months on the job. He spent a majority of that landing the class he did and KBD committed real early because OSU is where he always wanted to go. Move on he wasn't our biggest need anyways
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