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Question: If Finke says today that he will accept our offer, do we take him? Or, do we concentrate on first finding a point guard and then taking Finke only once we know that someone is leaving the program so we have an open scholarship? As much as I would like to get Finke (and not have a local kid come back to bite us in the future), I guess I would favor locking down a point guard first as solid point guards are the key to Groce's system and I am still not sure if Tate is the answer. Of course, maybe the coaches already know that someone will be leaving at semester break, so maybe they will feel they have two scholarships to work with and can take both Finke and a point guard. Should be interesting.
You take him IMO. There most definitely will be room for another player to sign at Illinois. I don't know who but it would be unusual for something not to open up.
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