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Was just thinking and one big thing i would like to see off the field is student ticket prices dropped if not free. I know it loses some money but lets try to get some people in the seats and supporting the team.
do you really think more students would come if free?

my experience , sometimes, with items being free is that they become so devalued, that they are no longer respected.

$15 cost for a student ticket is a fairly common price. Are ours much different than that? Is making them , say $5, really going bring more students out? I maintain you need a fun experience at the event to draw people -- a fun pre & post game and an exciting team to watch and you will draw many. Until the team is exciting, work on the pre and post game and other little things that are fun during breaks.

Thomas needs to put a committee together to get ideas from across the land. I offer my services to write such a report. I just need my expenses covered.
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