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Originally Posted by Juice View Post
Not happening my friend. Clowney is a once in a generation player if you ask me. Like AHS said, we need solid 3 star players that get the job done who occasionally make plays.
I think you guys are misunderstanding what I mean, so let me explain in a little more detail. Although having super star players is nice, that's not what I mean when I say playmakers. I mean we simply need guys who can step up and make some plays. They don't have to be 5 star recruits. We just need guys who will break tackles, strip the football, and lead the charge when the chips are down. Maybe those guys are on the team right now? I think Mason Monheim could be a guy like that on D along with Brown (I would call him a playmaker in 2011 but he seemed to lose his way in 2012 edit: he was also injured).
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