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If our Oline has/is improved we will be sooo much better off.

Simon/Hinkhouse- LT Heitz- LG Durkin- OC Karras- RG Lewis- RT

-Durkin beats out Feldmeyer at Center
-Simon and Hinkhouse Battle for LT spot
- Karras and Heitz man the OG positions for another year of continuity
- a healthy 6th year for Sr. Lewis will provide solid play and leadership

we have some talent on offense with DY5, Ferg, Dami, Davis, LaCosse, Milliens we just gotta hope the new OC uses what we have to the best of their abilities

on defense we have no other choice but to hope our young guys step up and play

-Monheim progresses into a true stud MLB and solidifies himself as a top BIGTEN MLB
- JB45 comes back 100% healthy with a chip on his shoulder to produce and to buy into program
- guys like: Spence CB Bentley CB Caldwell DE Nelson DE V.Williams DT Powell DT all need to step up and play a year ahead of where they really are.
- JUCOs could really help bridge the gap if they can come in and take over starting spots
- JUCOs like Cajuste DT (hasent been admitted yet which is concerning), Petty S, Finney Star LB are guys that have opportunities to come in and start right away.
- other incoming freshman who we could really use solid play from are: Mosley CB, Day S, Dawson CB, Clements DL, Kelly/Jones could play either S or Star LB
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