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One could have asked the same thing about Anthony Davis, and why people continued to talk about him like he was a true center...when in reality, he only did one thing that a true center should do, and that is defend in the post. He wasn't a true low post scorer and he wasn't an elite low post rebounder...but he was a legitimate difference maker because of his height, incredible length, athleticism and overall skillset.

Jaquan may not be a pure pg by definition, but his height, length, athleticism, and overall skillset are outstanding for any guard at virtually any level, and in the end, one can't deny this fact...he's a difference maker on the court.
True centers are a dying breed...AD is just a freak. Very overlooked until his senior year.

I don't disagree about Lyles talent. He looks awesome this season. He's the kind of guy that could work in any system, and no one would turn away a guy of his caliber. I'm just saying he's more of a 2 guy, not a 1.

Were going to have some scorers coming our way with Nunn, Hill, and Rice. Tate and Abrams hopefully will have the skill set to break down D's and facilitate these guys. I look at Lyle and see him in the same group with Hill. Straight up scorer. It never hurts to have as many scorers on the team, but a guy that can play point is one of the most important parts of college ball.
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