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Tuesday night on WDWS they replayed a bit of Monday's John Groce Show.

Groce still raving about Mike Shaw-

* MS was "off the charts" Monday in practice.

* Shaw will be part of the rotation Thursday vs Northwestern.

* Happy how MS came back after Christmas and improved his play in practice.

* Lineups will be determined via the rest of the week's practice.

Audio: Sports Talk 1-15-13
Eight Is Enough

I've gone over it and over it and over it, and I think I'm pretty certain that it's possible there's a chance that 22-12 (8-10) gets us in the tournament. That's 13-1 non-conference, 8-10 conference, and then a loss in the first round of the BTT.

It's rare for a team with a losing record in their conference to get in, but with the B1G #1 in the RPI, and with our non-con wins over likely protected seeds Gonzaga and Butler, 22-12 is enough.

Maybe even more than enough. With those wins, I could see some crazy scenario where we finish 7-11 in the conference but then win two BTT games and squeak into the tourney at 23-13. Is seven enough?

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