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Tonight on WDWS they replayed a bit of Monday's John Groce Show.

Groce still raving about Mike Shaw-

* MS was "off the charts" Monday in practice.

* Shaw will be part of the rotation Thursday vs Northwestern.

* Happy how MS came back after Christmas and improved his play in practice.

* Lineups will be determined via the rest of the week's practice.
Looks like he will be taking minutes away from TG...I know I probably seem like a TG hater to everyone..but it is year 4 for him, so it is what it is.. I have stated several times that if TG score 12-15 points again, we will be one of the hardest teams in the country to beat... but if he doesn't score and plays how he has for the past 7 games, we become one of the worst teams in the country if he is on the floor... Call it what you want, catch 22, double jeopardy, etc but it is time for him to come off the bench.. I believe it will help him because he doesn't do well under press ( excluding his game winning shot)
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