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Tyler Griffey is a great guy and very skilled, but just isn't very tough physically or mentally and never has been. He came to Illinois not very tough and will leave Illinois not very tough. No coach has fundamentally changed Tyler Griffey's psychology. FWIW, I would bet that he will be very successful in his life and career, but to be a good basketball player at this level requires the kind of toughness that not everyone possesses (or needs for most occupations.)
I think his comments earlier in the season speak to what I was referring to.

I don't doubt what you are saying, but I thinking certain responses can exacerbate that kind of personality trait and certain responses can make it better. Clearly, Groce was able to turn the tide on it earlier in the season. But now I think he is down on himself again, and I fear part of him not being able to pick it up is his previous experience.
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