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I don't doubt what you are saying, but I thinking certain responses can exacerbate that kind of personality trait and certain responses can make it better. Clearly, Groce was able to turn the tide on it earlier in the season. But now I think he is down on himself again, and I fear part of him not being able to pick it up is his previous experience.
But there were times he had shooting success under Weber as well. The difference was that Weber wasn't willing to trade off good shooting for terrible defense and rebounding. Different systems, different priorities.

By the end of last year, Weber was tired of dealing with some of the players and they were tired of hearing what he had to say. A new and different voice gave everyone a boost to start the season. Everyone was enthusiastic about the changes and Groce was still in his coaching honeymoon.

But by midseason, it is remarkable the extent to which the seniors have reverted to form. Paul is too cool for school. DJ has lost his shot. And Griffey has crawled back into his shell.

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