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Thread updates-

The old scoreboard superimposed onto the new scoreboard-

The ads at the rim of the horseshoe have been removed. Here's a better photo from Illini Football's facebook page to compare the before & after-

Original post-

How about a 2013 thread for news & info on the new Memorial Stadium scoreboard.

New scoreboard & ribbon boards mockup (updated Jan 30, 2013)-

Asmussen with a new scoreboard nugget today-
In the spring and summer, Daktronics will install a new videoboard that is four times the size of the current model. And there's more. Three ribbon boards are being put in, along with a new sound system and two auxiliary videoboards..

"No matter where you are sitting in the stadium, you will be able to see down, distance and score."

The increased size of the scoreboard is obvious. Young said fans will also notice a major change in the sound quality at Memorial Stadium. Announcements will actually be heard in all corners of the building.

Size-wise, the new scoreboard will rank among the 20 largest in the country. There's a whole lot more room for signage, out-of-town scores, statistics, social media, you name it.

Story from September 6th, 2012-
The project calls for the main scoreboard, three ribbon displays on the west and east balconies, and under the scoreboard. Another, smaller display measuring about 16 by 9 feet, is planned to be installed on the north wall of the southeast tower.

The new scoreboard will measure 125 feet, 9.8 inches wide and 54 feet, 3.7 inches tall, compared with the current scoreboard size of 48 feet by 68 feet. It will include the usual information such as game time, scores, downs, distance, yards-to-go, timeouts and more.

"It'll be one of the largest boards in the country when it's completed," Brown said.

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