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Wow, I've never made it to a game there. Seems like a TON of space all the way around between the fans and the playing field! I can only reference it to ASU Sun Devil Stadium and The Murph in SD, (Jack Murphy Stadium, or as its known to newer Charger fans as Qualcom ) both of which I've been to many times, and the fans are much closer the field. I never really noticed that while watching on the tube. Is that typical of most stadiums in the B1G?
Up until the late 70s or so, there was a track that was in place around the football field and the area between the south end of the field and the stands was used for some track things as well (this part I'm not as confident of).

Back in the early 20s when Memorial Stadium was built, track was still a pretty popular sport I believe (as was boxing and horse racing) and Illinois was a track power for years, although I'm not sure about that era. Now I'm not sure if or how many track meets they even have at home.
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