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Its clearly evident that Irvin and Smith are too immature to handle their players and coach at the next level. To be honest I watched the video and I am a high school coach myself. The way Smith and Irvin were acting, If i were to do the same would find my self out of a coaching job. I think these coaches within the public leauge have to big of EGO's and need to be held more accountable for the actions of their players. I have seen Smith in the past act on the immaturity of his players and has held them accountable. But more then anything I always see him stirring the pot when it comes to playing Morgan Park, or any other rivals within the public leauge. It's bad enough with the violence taking place within the city.
Exactly. Irvin calling out a couple 17 year old kids on Simeon and claiming "they started it" is the kind of behavior one would expect from a child. Its certainly too much to expect him to take responsibility for his own players who were equal participants in the brawl, let alone actually discipline his players for their thuggish actions. These primma donna coaches are at least partially responsible disgusting, corrupt world of inner city basketball, which spills over into the college game. It certainly doesn't help that they have their asses kissed on a daily basis by college recruiters, street agents, gurus, etc.
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