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If we can't beat Northwestern on our home floor in front of a sellout crowd, why would anybody think we can beat any Big 10 team on the road?

Even if these guys lack what ever it is they lack, the blame goes further than just the players. With a new coach we should see something different than the same old stuff. While they have proven to us they can't compete in the Big 10, I would think our new coach with his new system and coaching style, we would at least see them losing in a different way, but it looks like the movie Ground Hog Day. A coach running up and down the sideline ranting and raving and a bunch of lifeless players on the floor. Now that's entertainment.
Ask yourself something...if you see the same crappy movie a couple of times with the exact same actors with the same poor acting but a different director is hired who's done good movies in the past it the director's fault if the acting is still poor?

Not to mention we saw this team better coached and better prepared earlier this season. Once things started going south they reverted to old form that has been developed over 3+ years.

Now, I'm not completely absolving Groce and the staff. Everyone needs to a better job and even Groce admitted as much. But you can only get so much out of players.
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