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Hi all, most of you are aware that we haven't had a Live Chat for a hoops game yet this season. This week I've made a final decision, there will be no Live Chats during games for this 2012-13 Illini basketball season. (We'll do a Game Thread within the forums for all the games)

I know a lot of people enjoyed the Live Chats, and I apologize for the inconvenience. I struggled with this decision because I liked the Live Chat functionality for games, but ultimately the decision came down to a cost/complexity/feature(lack thereof) issue.

The Live Chat software --- CoverItLive --- has been free to use from 2008 thru June 2012. On July 1, 2012, the software went to a pay model. Nothing wrong with that, again it's a great service.

Here's the Live Chat pricing-

During the football season, I was able to use the $149/month plan and not worry about going over the "clicks" (visitors to the Live Chat) each month.

During the hoops season, I'd probably have to use the $299/month plan. Jan-Feb-Mar, there's a ton of games & a ton of fan interest in those games.

Since it's a monthly payment, I'd have to ration the number of visitors to the Live Chat for each game to keep it under 25,000 total visitors for the month. (I couldn't have the chat set to unlimited visitors per game as the clicks might run out and I'd have to pay for an overage.)

So if I set a visitor cap on each Live Chat, I'd also have to have a regular Game Thread for those that don't make it into the Live Chat in time.

In that circumstance, we'd have to have both a Live Chat & a Game Thread for games, plus I'd have to adjust the Live Chat ration as the month went along trying to anticipate the fan interest in each game. Too much complexity.

On top of everything, the one function that's always bugged me about the Live Chat has not been improved upon --- I can only "unmoderate" 25 users per chat (that means their comments go thru automatically). There's still a bunch of comments I'd still have approve manually, because 25 users is such a low number.

I want to stress that's it's not totally a pricing issue. But when you start paying for something that used to be free, you want the complexity & ease of use to go down not up

If the Live Chat $300/month plan allowed me to approve 100 unmoderated users & allowed ~100,000 users, I'd be open to using it. I'm absolutely not against paying for the Live Chat, but their tiers are far too restrictive for this board's use plus it actually introduces complexity, so unfortunately it's just not viable at this time.

Again, apologies for the inconvenience. I hope later this year coveritlive adjusts their pricing tiers that we can have chats again. Thanks again for your support of IllinoisLoyalty

Thank you, and Go Illini

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